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Her Door

Her Story

Aveleen is the Hazelut Fairy. She loves food and living in gardens and forests near the trees (especially hazel trees).
The door is a gate linked to her native forest: Stormwood.
She can go anywhere around the world to take care of trees and come back to Stormwood whenever she wants through the door.
She will look after your plants and trees with love and care if you leave some biscuits at her door.

derived from the Irish name Aveline; from the Latin word abellana which means hazelnut.





Rocher dans la forêt

Her favourite spot

in Stormwood


When she's not taking care of trees Aveleen loves to spend some time on this rock in her native forest.

Her Guilty Pleasure

Aveleen loves hazelnut biscuits. It reminds her of her childhood spent with her grandmother who taught her the passion of hazelnut trees.

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