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Her Door

Her Story

Blodwyn is a White Flower Fairy. She's confident, resourceful, persevering. She travels a lot and regularly goes on adventures in all parts of the world. Fearless, she is not often in Stormwood but always comes back for important parties and events to offer her most beautiful white flower.

The door is a gate linked to her native forest : Stormwood.
She can go anywhere around the world and come back to Stormwood whenever she wants through the door.



Irish name which means white flower.



Her favourite spot

in Stormwood


In between some tiring adventures Blodwyn loves to rest at the top of this stack of branches. They were put there by a bunch of Trolls.

Her Guilty Pleasure

Blodwyn collects  white flowers from all around the world to make her arum syrup; a delicate flower with a very sweet taste.

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