The Story

Living space of many species, Stormwood is a Forest full of wonders. It cannot be found without invitation, hidden in the heart of gigantic mountains. It shelters a multitude of creatures of the Little People. Despite their differences they live in peace in cohabitation with each other.

More than 3000 years old, the Forest has seen the birth and growth of hundreds of generations of Fairies, Leprechauns and even Goblins, providing them with habitat, food and protection. But only one Fairy remembers its beginning, the first tree of Stormwood. It was planted by the Old Fairy, the most ancient and wisest creature of this place. She's at the origin of everything, and the others respect her as much as they fear her. They whisper rumours and ask questions about this creature whose thoughts and memories remain impenetrable. Protector of the secrets of the Ancient Magic, Guardian of the Artifacts and Last of the Great Fairies, she is by far the most powerful and mysterious creature in Stormwood.

The Witches traveling on the territory of the Little People never stay long but they bring news from the outside world in exchange of knowledge and specimens that can be found nowhere else. Following the eight dates of the Witch Calendar, they come from all over the world to meet. They celebrate the Nature thanks to Stormwood being one of the few places not soiled by humans.
Thus, one of the Witches settled permanently in the forest in order to be close to the purity and magic of Stormwood. It is this same Witch who guides us and tells us stories every time we visit Stormwood.

The Entrance

Fairy Doors

The Chronicles

The Skos

The Chronicles

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