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Her Door

Her Story

Éolande is the Violet Fairy. She loves flowers and plants. She is one of the oldest fairy we have ever met. She knows the Ancient Magic and keeps many secrets.
The door is a gate linked to her native forest : Stormwood.
She can go anywhere around the world near flowers and plants and come back to Stormwood whenever she wants through the door.
She is a very calm and wise fairy who will look after your flowers in exchange of your true respect.

is a name from the Latin word viola which means violet and from the English word land.





Her favourite spot

in Stormwood


Being one of the oldest Fairy of the Forest, Éolande loves to go where the Council of Ancient Magic was held.

Her Guilty Pleasure

Éolande loves to spend her time by making violet syrup. She gives her bottles to  everyone in Stormwood.

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