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Her Door

Her Story

Kurbis is the Pumpkin Fairy. She is mysterious and not very sociable. She's passionate about her work. She works very discreetly all year long to prepare for the big pumpkin production when fall comes.
The door is a gate linked to her native forest: Stormwood.
She can go anywhere around the world and comeback to Stormwood whenever she wants through the door.
She is very discreet but always working. She will thrive with someone who loves autumn and pumpkins as much as she does.

from the German word kürbis; which means pumpkin.





Kurbis' favourite spot

Her favourite spot

in Stormwood


When Autumn is over, Kurbis is very discreet and you rarely meet her. She spends most of the year in her lair, in this tree stump.

Her Guilty Pleasure

During the year, Kurbis makes pumpkin juice. She uses pumpkins that she  magically stores when Autumn is over.

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