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Her Door

Her Story

Vali is the Farm Fairy. She is very adventurous; she loves to explore wheat fields and watch over plants and animals.
The door is a gate linked to her native forest: Stormwood.
She can go anywhere around the world near farms and fields and comeback to Stormwood whenever she wants through the door.
She will lovingly take care of your farm, fields and animals if you leave some corn cobs at her door.

from the Estonian word väli which means field.





Forêt de Stormwood

Her favourite spot

in Stormwood


When she's not in her fields, Vali enjoys the  calm of her native forest on her favourite rock near the Lake of Inspiration.


Her Guilty Pleasure

Vali loves corn cobs. She sometimes steals it in wheat fields she's watching over. She enjoys eating it near the lake in Stormwood.

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